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With our consolidation service, you will save a lot when intending to transport your cargo with us. Consolidation helps clients who intend to ship a certain quantity of goods, but the volume of their merchandise is not enough to fill a whole container. Gibron Limited offers regular groupage shipping shared with other businesses.

Groupage applies to a shipment which does not justify the exclusive use of its own container. In many cases, cargo will only occupy a small part of a container so we will combine it with another customer’s and cost will be split according to its volume. A groupage shipment contains goods from two or more suppliers so it brings considerable cost savings. Merchandise is grouped according to volume, type of merchandise, condition and destination. Each lot is tagged individually so there can be no error.

Briony cargo consolidation (By Air/Sea) includes the transportation of cargo to the stuffing point, stuffing of cargo in container, custom process of shipping documents, use of Premium Air / Shipping lines and we make sure that the cargo will reach at the respective destination well before the time given by our reputed customer.

We follow very carefully all the important shipping instructions given and take care of cargo by warehousing it until the shipment is physically effected.

Cargo Consolidation Services Include : 
» Transportation of cargo to the stuffing point
» Stuffing of cargo in container
» Custom process of shipping documents
» Use of Premium Air/Shipping Lines